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Misunderstandings between employees and employers remains robust as neither side refuses to relinquish power. 

While the new year typically ushers in a whole slew of changes, the workforce has been stuck in the battle of remote and in-office work since March 2020. 

Leaders have made it abundantly clear that they prefer some form of in-person work, while workers argue that they have never been more productive than in a remote setting. So who’s right? 

From the perspective of professionals, many factors of in-person work can impact their overall productivity, including lengthy commutes, strict dress codes and poor office design. On the other hand, leaders don’t view these as hindrances to productivity — many just care about meeting quotas and overseeing daily tasks.   

The answer of who is right is complicated and lies somewhere in the middle. 

Remote work has been linked to increased productivity based on numerous case studies, but it has also highlighted some of the downsides of working in an isolated space.   

The difference in opinion over remote work has made little progress in recent years, suggesting that employees and employers must come together to outline specific policies that can accommodate the needs of all parties involved. Without it, tensions are likely to continue growing in the new year.  

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