A JOB offering a six-figure salary with perks of a room in a luxury resort with a cinema and Olympic pool is up for grabs – but you need to be willing to get dirty.

The tantalising employment opportunity is at mine site in Onlsow, Australia, as Mineral Resources prepares to overhaul its staff accomodation with a £1billion facelift.

A luxury pool will be offered at the mine site's new staff accommodation


A luxury pool will be offered at the mine site’s new staff accommodationCredit: Mineral Resources
Workers will get there own private villas


Workers will get there own private villasCredit: Mineral Resources
The small lodgings are fully kitted out with modern luxuries


The small lodgings are fully kitted out with modern luxuriesCredit: Mineral Resources

The iron ore giant is scrapping the traditional “donga” for new digs that look more like a luxury holiday resort.

The caveat is, workers must be prepared to get down and dirty as the work site is situated in the red-dirt Pilbara region.

The luxury accommodation village will be built at the Onslow iron ore project, about 855 miles north of Perth.

However, with the lowest pay ranked jobs such as machine operators offering £70,000 (AUD $129,000) salaries, a trip to the outback seems pretty reasonable.

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Images obtained by The Sun Online show the ultimate luxury the workers have been offered.

An Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and glam luxury beds is pictured for the dirty workers to enjoy.

Also seen are opulent 45sqm villas that contain a personal kitchen, dining area and big flat screen TVs.

The common eating area also looks akin to an up-market London restaurant in Mayfair.

Mineral Resources is opening the new accommodation for a competitive edge over its rivals as it scrambles to find workers amid plans to ship about 35 million tonnes of ore next year.

Bronwyn Grieve, chief people officer at the company, said in order to attain that goal it would require 2100 new jobs and 6200 indirect positions.

She told the West Australian: “We’re obviously operating, as are all companies, in an environment where it’s become more challenging to attract and retain talent and we’re very keen to have a diverse and high-quality workforce.

“We need a lot of good people to run a really valuable asset and we think this is a good strategy for attracting that talent.

“It’s about re-defining the FIFO work experience in WA.”

The company is also building ten four-bedroom houses in Onslow as a pilot project to encourage more families to relocate to the remote area.

Construction of the accommodation block is slated to begin midway through this year.

Workers will enjoy a lavish dining area


Workers will enjoy a lavish dining areaCredit: Mineral Resources
Mining in the Pilbara is a dirty job


Mining in the Pilbara is a dirty jobCredit: Getty


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