16 GOOD STRENGTHS for JOB INTERVIEWS! (What Are Your Greatest Strengths Sample Answers!)

To help you pass your interview at the first attempt, we will cover the following 4 things in this blog post:

#1. We will tell you WHY the hiring manager is asking you if you want to ask any questions – there is a specific reason why they are asking you, and you’ll be surprised what it is!

#2. We will tell you the questions you SHOULD NEVER ASK at the end of an interview. If you ask any of these questions, you will fail your interview.

#3. We will then give you the top 12 BEST QUESTIONS to ask at the end of a job interview. All of these questions will increase your chances of getting hired.

#4. We will tell you how many of those 12 questions you should ask, and you can  choose which ones you think are the strongest.

WHY is the hiring manager asking you if you want to ask any questions?

They want to assess two things:

#1. Whether you are going to actually ask any questions. If you ask any of the 12 questions I am about to give you, it demonstrates you have the right motivations for the job.

 #2. They want to assess your attitude. If you ask questions that focus on what YOU will get from the job, it could show you have a selfish attitude, and they may not take you on in the role.


If you ask questions about how much time off you are going to get, or if you can have time off for a pending holiday, it shows your mind is focused on not actually being at work. We recommend only asking questions about holidays and time off once you’ve received a job offer.


Some candidates think it’s smart to ask the hiring manager if they’ve performed well at the interview and whether or not they are going to get hired. They might say:

“Do you think I’m qualified for the job? or… “How did I do?”

Don’t ask those questions! It comes across as desperate. Give the hiring manager the space and time to consider whether they want to take you on in the role.


The salary should be included with the job advert. If it isn’t, again, wait until they offer you the job before discussing pay.

12 BEST QUESTIONS to ask at the end of a job interview!

QUESTION #1 What’s the first thing you’d want me to concentrate on in the role if you hire me?

This is a great question because it demonstrates you are already thinking about what you can do to have a positive impact on their team.

QUESTION #2 Can you tell me more about the team I would be a part of in this role?

Team work is a vital component of any successful organization. This question shows you are aware of this, and you want to find out who your team members will be, and what their roles are.

QUESTION #3 What’s the best thing about working for this company?

We love this question because it is positive, and it gets the interviewer talking about something they love, which is their company. It’s a positive question that shows you are a positive person!

QUESTION #4 Who would I report to in the role, and what would they expect of me?

In your job, you may have to report to one or several managers. This question clarifies who your line manager will be, and what you must do to exceed their expectations.

QUESTION #5 What would my success in the role look like in twelve months from now?

This is another great question to ask at the end of a job interview because you are getting the hiring manager to visualize you in the position, and you are already focusing on what you would need to do to be successful.

QUESTION #6 What type of training would I receive once I started work for your company?

This question shows you understand how important training and development are. It demonstrates that you are keen to learn and do things to a high standard from the get-go!

QUESTION #7 What new initiatives or opportunities are on the horizon for the company?

We love this question because it shows you are looking to the future and you understand how important progression is to the success of a company. It demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking employee!

QUESTION #8 What’s the one thing I could do in this job to help you succeed?

This is another powerful and positive question that demonstrates your willingness to really drill down and focus on what you can do to help their business be the market leader!

QUESTION #9 How will my success be measured in the position?

This question demonstrates your awareness that you will be held accountable in your role, and measured against your manager’s pre-determined objectives. If you asked us this question, we would think you were someone who understands there will be high expectations of you in the role.

QUESTION #10 What are the plans for the company in the next 5 to 10 years and what could I do to help you achieve them?

This is a smart question. Again, it shows you to be a forward-thinking employee who is focused on setting yourself goals to help the company achieve its long-term mission. It also tells the hiring manager you are planning on staying working for them long-term, which is a good thing.

QUESTION #11 How would you describe your organisation’s culture?

This is a smart question to ask at the end of an interview because it shows you want to take the time to find out how the organization functions and supports its employees. Not many candidates will ask this question, but those who do will impress the hiring manager!

QUESTION #12 Who’s your biggest competitor, and what could I do in this position to help you better them?

This question shows you understand how important competition is in any industry, and you are then focusing on what they need you to do to help them be the market leader.

OK, so from those 12 questions, Ww recommend you ask the hiring manager 3 of them!

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